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Features and Benefits goSaffron Forex Travel Cards
Personalised, name embossed goSaffron Travel Cards are accepted everywhere.
No transaction charges. No commissions. One single conversion rate!
Best exchange rates.
Safer and more economical than currency notes and travellers cheques.
Free insurance cover up to Rupees 2,00,000.
Buy now, top up later. Start with ’0’ balance.
As good as a debit or a credit card – shop, dine, fly and do a lot more.
Chip & PIN based cards are more safe and secured.
24/7 customer service.
Accepted worldwide at almost 3 crore outlets!
Features and Benefits goSaffron Global SIM Cards
One single number, worldwide!
Use in over 180 countries.
FREE to receive calls in more than 70 countries (on your Global number).
FREE for family and friends to call you .
FREE to receive text messages (on your Global number).
Easy to use voicemail and call-forwarding.
Easy to set up forwarding of your existing number.
24/7 Customer Service.
Send international text messages from USD 69c each.
Recharge minutes anytime via the phone or webView call records and receipts online.
Making life simple for Travellers
goSaffron Forex Travel Card is a smarter way to carry your foreign currencies (or forex cash) abroad when you are travelling for business or pleasure. It is a prepaid foreign currency card where you can load it with foreign currencies of your choice in India and use it to transact in local currency abroad. Once you return from your trip, you can encash the unspent balance on your card or could recharge it before going to next trip.

goSaffron Forex Travel Card is currently available in eleven currencies namely, US Dollars (USD), EURO (EUR), British Pound (GBP), Swiss Francs (CHF), Australian Dollars (AUD), Canadian Dollars (CAD), Singapore Dollars (SGD), UAE Dirham (AED), Japanese Yen (JPY), Saudi Riyal (SAR) and Swedish Kroners (SEK). Obtaining goSaffron Forex Travel Card is quite easy, convenient and simple. You just have to register with us, log in your account and apply straightaway.

With goSaffron Global Sim Card you can have one single number for more than 180 countries. Hence, there is no hassle of changing SIM card as you travel across countries. Wherever you travel, your mobile number is same. Also, it is quite easier for others to contact you. You can check your email, browse internet, and keep up with your friends on Face book, Twitter and much more with one of the cheapest data rates starting at just 10cents/100 KB. To order goSaffron Global Sim Card Click here.

Save Money goSaffron Ways
goSaffron Forex Travel Card facilitates you to use your money in the denomination you want and it allows you to have an unlimited access to your money at any time. This saves your precious time in looking for Money changers to exchange currencies or to encash your Travellers Cheque.

Apart from time and effort, we are committed to save your money by giving you the best foreign exchange rates. The exchange rates are fixed at the time of loading money onto the currency travel card. Hence, it is unlike credit and debit cards whose rates can change every time you use them.

You can use goSaffron Forex Travel Card across 29 million merchant establishments accepting VISA card and 16 lac ATM’s worldwide. You can carry out online purchases and unlimited transactions subject to your balance. Hence, goSaffron Forex Travel Card ensures your overseas trip hassle free and convenient when it comes to managing, budgeting and planning your expenses. To order goSaffron Forex Travel Card Click here

Similarly, goSaffron Global Sim Card will not only save your money on making calls but it also helps you to receive calls for FREE in most of the countries. Having goSaffron Global Sim Card allows travellers to stay in contact with friends and family regardless of where they go. Hence, goSaffron Forex Travel Card and Global SIM Card combo are your best bet to make travelling simple!
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