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How It Works?
  User visits the website and selects the Card he/she wishes to buy and adds all the cards to his/her basket.
  User then fills the form to get registered. Upon successful registration, a confirmation email is sent at the user's email
address. Once user clicks on confirmation link provided in the email, the account gets activated.
  After activation of account, user can log into his/her account with his/her user name and password and can apply for Travel Card right away.
  For applying Travel Card, user has to attach his/her passport copy. User can send the scanned copy, click photo using digital
camera and send the copy in JPEG format or courier required documents to our office.
  Upon placing the order, a confirmation email including the order details is sent to the user.
  Travel Card is dispatched after we receive the required documents. Personalized named cards are delivered within 7-10
working days and Unnamed cards are delivered within 2-3 working days.