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Features and Benefits
Features and Benefits goSaffron Forex Travel Cards
Personalised Cards:
Unlike others, you can personalise goSaffron Forex Travel Card. Your name will be embossed on the card. Personalised Cards has wider acceptance and it offers high convenience of using it when you are travelling abroad.
You can get personalised cards for your spouse and minor children as well!
Ease of purchase, top up and refund:
You can apply online. You don’t have to visit any branch or offices. At the click of your mouse, card is delivered to your doorstep. It is time saving, easy and quite convenient to top up and refund online.
Start with ‘zero’ balance:
It is even better than buying a pre-paid SIM! goSaffron Travel Cards can be bought with ‘0’ balance as well. All goSaffron Cards have 5 years validity and you can top them up at any point of time!
Best Exchange Rates:
goSaffron Forex Travel Card offers you the best currency exchange rates. You end up saving up to 3-4% on Forex rates!

Other currencies are even more expensive – by around 5% to that of goSaffron Travel Card Rates. With goSaffron pre-paid travel cards, you do not have to worry about forex fluctuations since you have already converted INR into the foreign currency of your choice before travelling.

goSaffron Travel Cards offer much better rates than any Travelers’ Cheque, which attract huge commission charges at the time of encashment while you are abroad.
Safe and Secured:
goSaffron Forex Travel Cards are the safest and most cost effective way of carrying foreign currency abroad. Even if you lose your card, you can immediately call our 24/7 customer service and get the card blocked. Also, your goSaffron Card comes with a security chip for dollar, euro and pound cards. This provides further security while making payments!
Wide Acceptance:
goSaffron Forex Travel Card can be used across almost 3 crore merchant establishments accepting VISA Cards and over 16 lacs ATMs worldwide!
Perfect Substitute for Travellers’ Cheque, Debit or Credit Cards:
While you are abroad, your goSaffron Travel Cards can be used for online purchases, payment of bills or air tickets or any other payments that a normal bank account debit card and credit card could do!
Insurance Cover up to Rupees Two Lacs:
goSaffron Travel Card offers its customers lost card liability insurance. If the card is lost or stolen, you are protected for the lost card liability of up to Rupees 200000 provided by Bajaj Alliance.
24/7 Global Customer Assistance Service:
Global Customer Assistance Service is available 24/7 for goSaffron Forex Travel Card Holders. It can be used in case the card is lost/stolen, if emergency cash is required while travelling, emergency card replacement service or miscellaneous information that the customer may require overseas. These services may be chargeable as per the VISA guidelines.
Planning expenses:
Since all your family members will have their personalised cards, tracking everyone’s individual expenses would be easier! Yes, your wife would be happily shopping on her card!