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Why Travel Cards

Why goSaffron Travel Cards?

goSaffron Forex Travel Card is a safe and convenient way to carry your foreign currencies abroad when you are travelling for business or pleasure. It is a foreign currency prepaid card where you pre load your card in India and use abroad to withdraw cash in local currency. The goSaffron Forex Travel Card gives you an advantage to access your money 24 hours; you can withdraw funds from any VISA or VISA plus ATM as well as make payment of all your purchases in any part of the world you visit.


Best Exchange Rates:
We offer you best exchange rates compared to others. The foreign exchange rates are fixed at the time of loading money so you don’t have to worry about foreign exchange fluctuations.

Less expensive:
Since, currency needs to be converted only once goSaffron Forex Travel Card works out to be cheaper instrument than debit or credit cards.

No Hidden charges:
It is a prepaid card so there are no any other hidden charges like traveller’s cheques, debit or credit cards.

Safe and Secure:
All cash transactions are protected by 4 digit PIN. So nobody can access your funds even if your card is lost or stolen.

Easy to Top up and refund:
You can recharge and redeem your funds anytime online

Easy for Shopping:
You can use it across 27 million merchant establishments accepting VISA card and 1 million ATM worldwide. Also, you can carry out E-commerce transactions efficiently.